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Celebrating 100th post with Mysore Pak (Soft)

Posted By Vardhini On July 24, 2011 @ 5:30 am In Dessert,Diwali,Festivals,Indian,Kid Friendly,Quick & Easy,Under 30 minutes | 61 Comments

Wow .. I am extremely happy to be writing my 100th post and I thank all of my friends without whose support I would not have come thus far. The journey although tedious at times has been by far the most pleasurable one. I have to specially thank K who has been helping me in the technical aspects of the blog and also guiding me as I take baby steps in photography.
With just 3 ingredients mysore pak is sure to work wonders on the palate. How can I describe this sweet .. hmm .. can we say “Sinful Delight”? There are two types, one is the hard crumbly one and the other is the soft one. Shree Krishna Sweets is pretty famous for the soft mysore pak. It just melts in the mouth leaving the taste of ghee lingering and then we crave for more !!. K loves this sweet and my mom makes it a point to pack some from Shree Krishna Sweets if anybody is travelling to US.
I normally shun away from recipes with butter and ghee, but I wanted to make the 100th post special and the added bonus is that it is K’s favorite. At least I can say that I am hogging the computer for a reason .. I am making stuff which you like !!  Added to that another reason for which I would make this sweet again is that my 3 yr old loves it. She could not remember the full name and she calls it “Soo-pa”. How cute is that? When I left the sweet in the plate for it to cool, she was happily helping herself now and then until I moved it to a different place. She was so mad and came to me angrily and said: “Amma, you have to make lots of this sweet”.
I have to warn everybody that this is a finicky sweet .. I mean seriously .. one thing goes wrong and you end up with a different texture plus you need to have loads of patience and strong arms. Also, there are recipes which double the quantity of ghee and sugar, but I should say I am contented with this much fat :)
Thanks to K for capturing the process as I kept stirring. I have added my experiences in the Notes section.

1 cup besan (bengal gram flour)
1 cup sugar
1 cup ghee (3/4 cup in flour + 1/4 cup while stirring)
1/4 cup water

1. Sugar syrup consistency is important as we might end up with a crumbly mysore pak or a hard one if consistency is not right.
2. Heat should be on low or medium low.
3. Continuous stirring is required.
4. Fresh ingredients yield good results.
5. This method yields very soft melt-in-the-mouth mysore pak. Roasting the flour also yielded soft mysore pak, but the sweet crumbled in the mouth and K liked that version better. I liked it both ways.

Recipe from Veg Inspirations

Sift the bengal gram flour.

Add 3oz of ghee to it.

Mix well and make a dough.

Add the remaining 3oz of ghee and let it rest for say 15 minutes.

Grease a plate to pour the mysore pak when done. You will NOT have time to do later as everything happens very fast.

Mix the besan-ghee mixture well to a pouring consistency.

Start on the sugar syrup. Add 1 cup sugar to 1/4 cup water and bring to boil,

Watch for one-string consistency. You can check this easily by placing a drop of sugar syrup mixture in a bowl of water. If it does not disintegrate and forms a ball then you can roll a drop in between your thumb and index finger. It will form a string.

Add the besan-ghee mix to the sugar syrup slowly and stirring continuously. From now it is all about stirring. It is good to have a helping hand to take turns stirring :) . Scrape the edges of the pan and keep stirring. Keeping the heat on low to medium-low is very important. 

Keep stirring adding ghee in intervals so it does not dry out.

More stirring :)

More :)

Can you see the mix getting less sticky and easy to stir? Keep stirring and adding ghee until it balls up.

See how it is all coming together. We are not quite there yet .. less than a minute to go.

Just to show more clearly .. see how the mixture is leaving a trail when stirred. It is ready.

Look at that ball and notice the mixture is not sticky anymore.

Pour into a greased plate and let it spread on its own. Shake the plate for it to spread.

It all happened so fast and before I could let K know that it has to spread on its own .. there he was making it beautiful with the spatula :)

Let it cool for say 7-8 minutes and then slice. I used a pizza cutter.

10-15 minutes later you can remove the pieces. My 3 year old could not keep her hands off the sweet and she even sneaked her tiny index finger on the sweet.

I managed to click the final product when I roasted the flour. Other steps remain the same. You just roast the sifted flour for a couple of minutes before adding the ghee to make a dough. Can you see the texture and it spread on its own giving that beautiful top layer.

Phew !! .. Finally we get to eat. It took about 7-8 minutes after the besan was added to the sugar syrup. (The total cooking took about 20 minutes).


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