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Idly Fry (Idli pieces deep fried)

Posted By Vardhini On December 23, 2011 @ 3:21 am In Appetizers,Blogging Marathon,Gallery,Indian,Kid Friendly,Snacks | 1 Comment

Time for another blogging marathon and for this week my theme is “Idli’s”. One reason for picking this theme is because I love idli and another one is that it is also easy to make. Even though my schedule has been hectic with the kids being out for holidays I could not pass up the blogging marathon :) .
When Srivalli had “Idli” as one of the themes I was a little confused as to whether items using idli are allowed or just the idli’s. So first I emailed her and confirmed that it was allowed. Next I started the shortlisting process since I have to make the items a week before the marathon starts given that it gets dark at 4pm itself and I cannot cook for the blog on the days I work. I was casually talking to my mom a week ago and mentioned her about the items I had in mind so far. She told me to try out the fried idli. In normal days I would have totally dismissed the idea of making my favorite healthy item pretty sinful, but then as I have mentioned in many posts this is the month where I have decided to be a bit sinful :) .
So I decided to deep fry the pieces and let my kids enjoy it for the most part. My mom also suggested that I use a vessel instead of an idli plate so I get nice square pieces. Well, my mom does not know about my cutting skills yet and I ended up with pieces of different shapes some square, some rectangle and I even had triangle ones :) . In the end all that matters is that they are delicious and sinful at the same time. Next time if at all I decide to deep fry, I am going to make mini idlis and deep fry them and then they would all be the same shape. The pretty bowl that I have used is from my friend Shy. Thanks a bunch and it looks very cute Shy.
Off to the recipe which is very simple.
Idly Fry | Cooks Joy


Leftover idlis or idli batter
Oil to deep fry
Pinch of chilly powder
I did not have leftover idlis and made fresh idlis for frying. Pour the batter in a vessel or idli plates. If using a vessel, make sure it is oiled to make it easy to remove the idli. Steam for 10 minutes.

Steamed idli. Allow to cool.

Slice into pieces.

I have some thin and some fat because I wanted to find out if it mattered. :)

Now comes the sinful part :) . Heat up oil and drop the pieces. Turn them few times.

Nice golden brown and crunchy.

You can sprinkle chilly powder (tip from my mom). I sprinkled for the pieces which we were going to eat and skipped it for the kids.

Time to indulge in the sinful delight. You can have it as is or with ketchup. Either way it stands true to “Sinful Delight” :) . I asked hubby to guess what it was after tasting and he started with bread, tofu, etc. He got it all wrong :) .
Idly Fry (Deep Fried Idly) | Cooks Joy

I loved how the outside was nice and crunchy and the inside was soft. You can notice this in the fat pieces because the thin ones were fried all the way through. My kids loved it.


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