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Butter Murukku

Posted By Vardhini On October 19, 2014 @ 9:52 am In Diwali,Gallery,Indian,Kid Friendly,Snacks | 1 Comment

Butter Murukku | Cooks JoyAnother Diwali delight that is very addictive. Anything deep fried is addictive right? :) . My kids have different levels of tolerance to spiciness. My boy loves hot spicy stuff and wanted the spicy karasev for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My little one on the other hand had nothing to do with it and loved these fritters that have no spice, but a ton of flavor. Butter Murukku | Cooks JoyYou can make small swirls like this or directly press the murukku maker over the oil. Either way the taste is going to be the same. This method needs some extra time to form the swirls and then transferring them safely to oil. I was able to scoop each up gently with my ladle and drop them in. Whichever method you choose to do please be very careful when dealing with hot oil. Off to the recipe.

Butter Murukku

By Vardhini, October 19, 2014

Butter Murukku

Deep fried fritters.



Mix all ingredients except oil. Using water form a stiff dough.

You can either make small murukkus or directly press the murukku maker over oil and form couple of circles.

Heat oil and deep fry the murukkus. These tend to be on the whiter side. Dont wait for it to turn brown :). Drain on paper towels and allow to cool. Store in air tight containers once cooled.

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1. Take all ingredients except oil in a bowl.2. Using water make a stiff dough.3. This is the disc I used for the murukku.4. I made small murukkus, but you can directly press the murukku maker over the oil.5. Heat oil and transfer the murukkus carefully. Turn over and allow both sides to cook.6. These murukkus tend to be on the whiter side. If you leave it longer it does turn brown. Drain on paper towels and allow to cool. Then store in air tight containers.
Addictive snack ready.
Butter Murukku | Cooks JoyEnjoy!
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