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How to Prepare Yucca Root (Maravalli Kilangu/Tapioca)

Posted By Vardhini On December 28, 2012 @ 10:00 am In Gallery,How to's | 4 Comments

How to Prepare Yucca Root | Cooks JoyYucca root is known as maravalli kilangu in tamil. It has a hard waxy skin and this is a small tutorial on how to prepare the yucca root for cooking. I remember my grandma steaming these and serving us for a snack although I do not recollect seeing so much wax on them. We used to peel the skin after it was steamed and the skin would come right off. So, yes that is another way to peel the skin. Off to the easy tutorial.

Preparing yucca root.

By Vardhini, December 28, 2012

Preparing yucca root.

How to prepare yucca root for cooking.



Cut the yucca root in half and peel the skin carefully using a knife. Next quarter each half. Remove the thick woody part across the edge of each piece.

Dice into cubes and cook.

My Notes
1. The skin is tough. Use caution while peeling the skin using the knife.

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1. Wash the yucca root.2. Cut in half.3. Peel the skin off using a knife carefully. The skin will be thick.4. Peeled yucca root.5. Slice each half into 2.6. Cut each piece further.7. Take each piece and slice the hard woody edge.8. The hard edge removed. Repeat for all pieces.9. Dice into small cubes and cook.

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