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OPOS Cooking

Posted By Vardhini On April 29, 2018 @ 10:15 pm In Gallery,How to's | 2 Comments

What is OPOS? It is, “One Pot, One Shot” cooking technique created by Mr. Ramakrishnan. This method has been a complete life changer to the way I cook. It saves time and money and the food cooked is absolutely delicious that makes people wonder if you had been slaving for hours. Thank you Mr. Ramakrishnan.

Humble beans poriyal cooked the OPOS way. Look at the color!

OPOS Beans Poriyal | Cooks Joy

I was first introduced to the word OPOS by my sister back in September 2016. My first question to her was, “What OPOS? Most of my cooking is one pot, one shot only.” It turns out someone had asked her to follow OPOS method of cooking because it is simple. We then relocated to a new city and life was pretty busy that I completely put OPOS in the back burner and in fact forgot about it totally.

Around 2017 the word OPOS started making its appearance again in conversations in friends and I heard ravings about mysore pak and so on. Actually mysore pak was enough for me to get started in the OPOS journey. I googled and found out about OPOS facebook groups and joined them. [Check out OPOS Support Group in facebook.]

The more I read about OPOS, the more interesting it became. There are a series of lessons that newbies can follow to understand the various OPOS techniques. You can find them in the OPOS Support facebook group. The OPOS promise is that the recipes work the same way for anyone at anytime. You need to have standardized equipment and follow the lessons to start with. Checkout the opos videos that explain the techniques in detail.

I bought my 2L pressure cooker and went through one lesson after another in the order mentioned and was completely blown away at the results. And yes! mysore pak was a total hit and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. So was katli’s using almond flour. I could go on and on about the success stories of OPOS :) . Bottled tadka is definately a boon for me. Yes! You make tadka and store for use later. This has been a total time saver, not to mention that it has also reduced the stove top mess that comes with making fresh tadka each time. Less splutter = less cleanup.

OPOS ghee and bottled tadka following opos chef videos.

OPS Ghee_Bottled Tadka | Cooksjoy

Having OPOS staples on hand means, meals in minutes on week nights. Some of the staples are tamarind paste, ginger-garlic paste, cooked dals, coconut-cumin-chilly paste, etc.

OPOS is not a, “dump all into the cooker” cooking. It is a technique. You layer the ingredients following the techniques and sit back and watch as the magic unfolds. With each technique, tons of recipes can be created. The crispness and color of the cooked vegetables, the ease at which some time consuming recipes are simplified pulled me more into OPOS. When I look back at some recipes posted where I start with adding oil, adding onion, sauteeing, then tomato, sauteeing, etc. I think what a blessing OPOS is.

OPOS soya chunks biriyani following the opos chef videos. Minimal effort, but extremely tasty.

OPOS Soya Chunks Biriyani | Cooksjoy

I could go on and on raving about OPOS. Do try it out to understand the techniques and save time and money. Healthy cooking does not have be bland, boring or hard to make. Stay tuned for OPOS recipes to follow :) .

As always, safety is the utmost priority. Please use standardized equipment and follow the lessons step by step to understand the technique involved. Just because mysore pak sounds exciting, please do not jump to it without completing the lessons. Happy cooking.

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