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Uppu Kozhukattai – Savory version

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Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi friends. We saw the sweet modaks in Ellu Kozhukattai and now we are looking at the savory modaks. Actually I came to know about the savory version only through K. There was an interesting conversation between K and me when I was making the Ellu Kozhukattai. I just told him that I was making the sweet version and when he saw me grinding sesame seeds he was asking me what I was doing.
Me: Making filling for kozhukattai.
K: This is not how they do at my house
Me: Hmm .. well this is what my mom told me.
K: It is not the same ..
Me (Wondering): How on earth would I know what they make in your house .. !!
K (He came back after googling I guess): Ok so you are making the sesame seed one, I like the one with jaggery and coconut. Let me get myself prepared to eat what you are making.
Me (Again wondering): You are kidding right .. all my effort into this and you are preparing yourself .. hmm .. wonder what the jaggery-coconut filling is.
Well he left to work and I continued with my Ellu pooranam  since I had already started it. I was waiting to hear the verdict in the evening.
Me: So did you like it?
K: Yeah, it tastes good, but you are still going to make the jaggery-coconut one right?
Me: !!!!
Now friends if you’ll thought it stopped there you’ll are in for a surprise.
K: They also make a savory version and I like that one better.
Me: Of course :)
That is how I ended up making the savory version. So 3 types of kozhukattis done and I have some extra dough to make the ammini kozhukattais soon.
Uppu Kozhukattai (Savory Kozhukattai) | Cooks Joy

Ingredients – Outer cover

1 cup raw rice
2 tsp oil
Ingredients – Urad dal Pooranam

1/2 cup urad dal (Ulutham Paruppu)
1 green chilly
A pinch asafoetida
1 tsp oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
Curry leaves

Method – Ural dal Filling
Soak the urad dal for 2 hours.

To the soaked urad dal add green chillies, asafoetida and salt.

Grind coarsely without adding water. We don’t want a paste. Just pulse few times.

Make small balls of the urad dal mix and steam them for 10-15 minutes.

Steamed urad dal balls.

Allow to cool for few minutes and then crumble the balls.

Heat a tsp of oil and season with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Add the crumbled urad dal mix to it.

Saute for a minute to get the seasoning coated over the urad dal mix. We are only seasoning the mix since it is already cooked. Pooranam ready for kozhukattais.

Method – Outer Cover
Please refer to the method mentioned in Ellu Kozhukattai to make the dough for kozhukattai.

Pinch a small portion of the dough and make into a ball.

Flatten it with your fingers to form a patty.

Bring the edges closer to form a semi circle and place around a teaspoon of filling in it.

Bring the edges closer forming a semi circle.

Pinch the edges to seal the mix.

You can use a fork to create a pattern along the edges. I did not create any pattern.

Take in a vessel for steaming. Steam for 10 minutes similar to idli.

Steamed kozhukattais. When done see how the outer cover becomes shiny.

Kozhukattais ready to be devoured. I loved it since I lean more towards the savory side.

Uppu Kozhukattai (Savory Kozhukattai) | Cooks Joy


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