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Rava Dosai (Rava Dosa)

Posted By Vardhini On August 15, 2011 @ 3:36 am In Breakfast,Condiments,Gallery,Indian,Kid Friendly,Main Dish | 35 Comments

Among the dosas my favorite is rava dosa. There is something about that crispy dosa which draws people and with onions it becomes even more tasty. Many people think it is very hard to make this dosa batter and rely on store bought mixes. The batter uses day to day ingredients and it is very easy to put together. There are few things to keep in mind when preparing this dosai. The batter has to be on the thinner side and the tawa needs to be hot. And yeah, the crispiness and the holes are characteristic of this dosa and is what which makes it popular. The batter for this dosa does not need fermentation and hence rava dosas can always be prepared in a jiffy.
Rava Dosai | Cooks Joy
The simple onion-tomato chutney is my go-to chutney for all dosas. My mom always prepared this chutney as we all loved it. I have to say that I certainly don’t need a side dish for rava dosa as it is tasty on its own and I used to gobble up quite a few in no time when I was a kid :)
Remember to stir the batter before making each dosa as the mixture tends to settle down at the bottom.

Ingredients – For Rava Dosa
1 cup rava
1/2 cup rice flour
1 tsp cumin
2 tbsp yogurt (curd)
1 green chilly
1 small onion
1 tsp oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds

Notes (*Updated*)
1. To re-season when the dosa starts to stick, use a cut onion and rub the pan using the cut side. This will season it and also give it a nice flavor.
2. Instead of onion I sometimes dab a paper towel with few drops of oil and use it to season the pan.

Take rava, rice flour and cumin seeds in a bowl.

Add yogurt (curd).

Add green chillies.

Add onions.

Add water and make a  batter. The batter should be on the thinner side for this dosa. Add salt to taste.

For better results let the batter rest for an hour for the flavors to mingle.

Heat oil and season with mustard seeds. Add to batter. This is totally optional.

Heat a tawa. Start pouring the batter from the edges towards the center. The tawa should be hot for the dosa to get the crispiness and the holes.

Pour a tsp of oil around the edges.

Flip over in a minute when the bottom has started turning brown. Don’t worry about the shape.

Another one which is somewhat a circle :) .

Rava dosa with chutney and Idli podi was our dinner today. Comforting and tasty.


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